CUSE Blaze in Winter!

Hey! Welcome back to CUSE Blaze!!! 

First of all, we hope you are enjoying the rainy season and that you are having fun with your classes!

Now, there are a couple of features on the page that we would like for you to use:

-On the right side of the page, there is a menu labeled as “Articles” . There, you can click on the article that you want to read and go straight to it instead of scrolling all the way down

-On each article you can leave comments (Please do!! :D) and click on “interesting”, “funny”, etc. to rate it. Besides, you can share articles and/or the entire blog on facebook, twitter, and other social networks! 
-At the bottom of the page, you can find UAM’s calendar for you to get information on important dates

Thank you for all the comments and feedback that you have given us, please do not be afraid to write down your real name!

For this edition, our writers have expressed themselves and shown their talent through interesting and exciting articles and beautiful poems.

Have fun reading and watching the videos! ;)

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